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Cash Advance Loans: A Good Idea Or Not?

foinancial word cloud showing debt as the prominent wordIn certain circumstances, cash advance loans can rescue you from otherwise-unsolvable financial crises. This is not universal though, taking out a cash advance at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons, can be a serious mistake.

One of the advantages of a cash advance is that it’s always a viable option for securing short-term funds. If you’re faced with a medical emergency and lack the financial resources to deal with it, securing an online cash advance loan can be a (literal) lifesaver.

Most Applications will get Approved

Once you put the necessary information into a lender’s application form and submit it, all you need to do is wait for your approval. Disapproval is not something you really need to worry about because most lenders engaged in this sort of business are extremely liberal about who they allow to borrow money. As soon as approval is granted, you can expect the money you need to be deposited into your account shortly.

Your banking information is one of the key pieces of information you’ll have to turn over to the lender when you apply for these sorts of loans. The other major requirement is documenting your income in a way that verifies its stability. As long as you can do this, approval of your loan is virtually guaranteed.

They’re not Called Easy Loans for Nothing

As long as you’re employed and have a pay stub, you’re closer than you might have suspected to securing short-term emergency financing when you need it. In certain situations, a lender might ask for additional documents, but these are usually easy to provide either by email or by fax.

The potential downside of cash advance loans is in fact also related to their convenience. If the process is so easy and approval is virtually guaranteed, what’s to stop you from taking out multiple loans simultaneously? Many lenders have strict upper limits on the total amount they will lend in these circumstances, so you might be tempted to combine offers in order to meet your needs.

Tips on getting More Money

Since lenders may only be willing to advance you a small portion of your total income, it might make sense to take out multiple loans in order worried 50s mature asian man looking at the bills to maximize the amount of money you get. This is extremely risky, though. Lenders set those limits in order to minimize the risk both to you and to them.

With a cash advance loan, the intent is that you’ll use the money you get in your next paycheck to completely pay off the balance of the loan. The penalties that lenders can impose if you fail to do this can be punitive in the extreme. You may be subjected to extremely steep interest rates as well as added fees and expenses if you default on one cash advance. Can you imagine how quickly your financial situation could blow up if you attempt to juggle multiple loans and default on more than one of them?

Under certain circumstances, a cash advance loan is a sensible way to secure short-term financing. Keep that “short-term” concept fixed in your mind when you consider these types of loans, though. Going into long-term debt to the lenders who offer loans like this rarely turns out well, and you want to avoid it if at all possible.